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Polly Babbington

Darling Little Things

Darling Little Things

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Lulu Drinkwater is living the dream in Pretty Beach - a huge old mansion by the sea, a fabulous job at the local hotel, and a very nice man to snuggle up with on the sofa on Saturday nights to the sound of the waves crashing outside.

  60,000+ fab reviews. Fall in love with a Polly book. 

💗 Book 12 in the bestselling Pretty Beach series.  💗

💗 Book 3 in the Lulu trilogy. 💗

'I binge read the whole series.' Reviewer⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

'Loved the Pretty Beach books. You'll love them.' Reviewer⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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📚 WHAT IS THIS SERIES ABOUT? Pretty Beach starts with Sallie Broadchurch who inherits an old boat house. It follows her journey renovating the house and her romance with her rather dashing seaplane pilot neighbour. You'll also meet lots of other characters and fall in love with the gorgeous coastal town on the English coast. 

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As Lulu settles back into the sweet coastal town where she grew up she’s working every hour to make her new life a success and adoring living back by the sea. We follow along and delve back into her fabulous romance, watch the plans for her big day and cheer her on as luck comes her way and her business takes a splendid new turn.

But not everything is quite as dreamlike as Lulu had led herself to believe and when a couple of things infringe on Lulu and Ollie’s plans there is a fly in the ointment Lulu hadn’t seen coming.

Will Lulu get the utterly delightful English summer occasion she’s dreamt about or will life, for her, again turn on its head?

'The absolute queen of magical settings. Polly Babbington draws you in and makes you never want to leave.'


Look Inside Ch 1

Chapter 1 

Lulu tucked her cream, short-sleeved jumper into her beige wide-leg trousers and looked down at her nude Chanel ballet flats as she strolled across Willow’s driveway. She couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened the day before. Couldn’t quite wipe the smile off her face. Heck, she’d barely been able to stop herself from happy dancing down the street.

Crunching across the pebbles, she squeezed past Willow and Jack’s matching shiny cars, gazed into their immaculate boat, and looked out at the sea. It was a beautiful day in Pretty Beach. A beautiful day to be engaged to a man with honey skin. She hugged herself at the thought. Everything about it all made her feel over the moon.


Opening the gate to the back garden, she walked along the patio and beamed as she saw Willow sitting at the outdoor table with Jack. 

‘I’m getting married in the morning, ding dong the bells are going to chime!’ Lulu trilled happily and almost jogged over to the table in excitement. 

‘Oh! My! God! Woohoo! Hooray!’ Willow exclaimed. ‘You look amazing. Glowing!’

‘I know! Hello!’ Lulu laughed, clapping her hands together in exhilaration.

 ‘I can’t believe this is happening!’ Willow screeched as she watched Lulu approach the patio. ‘It’s so flipping exciting. I can’t even think straight with this news!’

Jack jumped up from his seat and hugged Lulu. ‘Congratulations! What a turn up for the books, eh?’ 

Lulu flushed. ‘Thank you! I did not see that coming at all. I’m in shock. I’m so happy. Just so pleased.’

‘I know. It’s truly fabulous,’ Willow replied. ‘I’m so, so, so happy for you. Lulu and Ollie. Aww.’

‘I have realised you’ve all known all along,’ Lulu said as she pulled out a chair and sat down.  

‘Ahh, it’s been a nightmare, Lulu,’ Jack said with a chuckle. ‘Can you imagine Wills having to keep this a secret from you? She’s nearly driven me nuts. In fact, she has driven me nuts. She was beside herself right up to the day. I feel like I’m going around the twist.’  

‘So, you both knew beforehand?’ Lulu asked.

‘We did. Ollie popped around shortly after the apology from Dad and just came out with it. Talk about a shock,’ Willow stated. ‘I was so pleased though. I thought you would be too…’

Lulu laughed, nodding her head. ‘Wow! It wasn’t just me he surprised. It was you too.’ 

‘Well, come on then. What did you say?’ Jack asked. 

‘Err, duh, yes, of course!’ 

‘Right. Okay then. Umm. I’m glad you’re taking this new relationship slowly. Hedging your bets and all that,’ Jack joked. 

‘Jack! What the heck? Where did that come from?’ Willow said, glaring at him across the breakfast table. ‘Don’t say that!’

Jack laughed and sat back in his chair. ‘It’s just all been so fast. One minute Lulu is dealing with the aftermath of Fenton and now this. You have to admit no one saw this coming when Lulu moved back to Pretty Beach. I mean, we didn’t even know who Ollie was then.’

Lulu nodded. ‘You’re right. We didn’t. We sure do now though, thank goodness. Our paths literally crossed. Or should I say my bike and his car door crossed?’  

‘It was so sweet though, wasn’t it, Jack?’ Willow said, nodding at Jack. 

Jack pulled a mug from the tray and started to pour Lulu a cup of tea. ‘I have to admit, it was very admirable of him. It was like he was asking Willow’s permission somehow.’ 

‘God, poor man! You’d scare the living daylights out of anyone, Wills! I’m actually surprised you didn’t put him off,’ Lulu joked. 

Willow swiped at Jack’s hand. ‘He didn’t ask my permission. Don’t be ridiculous. He was just wondering what we thought about the idea. He wanted to know what we thought you would say,’ Willow said, handing Lulu a plate with a cinnamon bun.

Jack sat back with wide eyes and slowly nodded his head. ‘Okay then, Wills. Yes, that’s what happened. It wasn’t that he was making sure you were happy with it before he went ahead. He wasn’t asking the head of the Drinkwater family if it was okay. No, not at all.’ 

Lulu took the bun and the cup of tea. ‘I had no idea. No idea whatsoever. I’m stunned. Stunned and absolutely so happy. Delighted. Ecstatic even.’ 

‘You’re not the only happy one. We are so pleased for you! He was concerned that it had all gone so fast but said he felt like he wanted to make you feel special. It was so sweet.’ Willow sighed. 

Lulu chuckled and took a sip of her tea. ‘I certainly feel special. Wills, have you turned all soppy? Are you getting all romantic on us?’ 

‘Ha! Nope. It was just when he said that both Fenton and Dad had left you and that you’d said no one had ever offered to back you up before it was just lovely. He’s a keeper. I only wish Mum was here to see this. She’d have loved the bones of Ollie. I just know it.’ 

Jack took a piece of toast from the toast rack and started to load it with butter and Marmite. ‘Wills, I will admit, is right. You don’t get many like him around. You need to keep a good hold of him, Lulu.’ 

Lulu smiled and felt guilty about how she’d never really warmed to Jack. He seemed to be genuinely happy and really concerned about her. ‘Don’t worry, he’s not going anywhere.’ 

Willow chuckled. ‘So, what did you think it was when you saw the box on the front seat? Did you have any idea at all? Had you guessed by that stage?’ 

‘Not a clue! I thought it was from the car hire guy and then Ollie was holding up his camera and telling me to open it and I was wondering what the heck he was doing. To be honest, I was teetering on the edge of getting cranky. It had been a long and tiring day.’ 

‘Hilarious. I can just imagine it.’ 

‘I had not an inkling! It’s all gone so quickly with Ollie. I did not think a proposal was on the cards. One minute I was driving along the coast road with Mabel to live in a near-derelict house imagining myself alone for the rest of my life and being eaten by rats. Now this,’  Lulu said, holding out her hand as the diamonds surrounding the huge emerald caught the light. 

‘I was nearly beside myself with it!’ Willow exclaimed as she leant forward, took Lulu’s hand, and examined the ring. ‘Gosh, that is stunning. I couldn’t contain myself. I had to literally turn off my phone and give it to you, didn’t I Jack?’ 

Jack nodded and smiled. ‘You did indeed. We were counting down the hours.’ 

Willow looked down at the ring more closely. ‘Wow, it’s spectacular. Look at the emerald.’ 

‘I know. He even got the ring right.’ Lulu sighed. ‘A vintage ring with a beautiful emerald. So my cup of tea.’ 

‘What are you going to do then?’ 

‘What do you mean?’ Lulu answered. 

‘Is this going to be a lengthy engagement where we wait a long time in anticipation and spend years planning the big day?’ Willow asked, her head to the side in question.

Lulu widened her eyes and slowly shook her head. ‘Absolutely not. I’m jumping in with both feet as quickly as possible. I don’t want him to change his mind. Ha. Joking.’ 

Willow jumped up and squealed. ‘What? Woohoo! Yes!’ 

Lulu giggled and Jack smiled and asked, ‘When do you think?’ 

‘The end of summer.’ 

Willow nodded. ‘Oh, goodness, yes. The end of summer. Right. I’ve clocked it. I know what you’re thinking and I know where you’re thinking,’ she said as she locked eyes with Lulu.

Lulu smiled in agreement and put down her mug. ‘I knew you would. Yep, Wills. Yep indeed.’

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  • Escape to the coast
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