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'Wonderfully unique writing and adorable settings. Polly Babbington will seamlessly drop you into her magical feel-good world so beautifully you won't want quite remember where you are and you certainly won't want to leave.' ​

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About Polly

International bestselling author & Amazon Top 20 Polly Babbington is the author of 30 utterly gorgeous romance books. From a little summer house under an old tree she spends her days drinking tea and writing all the words. Born in London she grew up in a tiny little house where many stories went in notebooks tucked up under the bed and her story writing began. These days she lives in delightful countryside near the sea, in a lovely old Edwardian house and writes cosy romance books about women whose lives you sometimes wish were your own. If. you love sweet romance and romcoms you're in the right place. Get ready to fall in love with a romantic love story novel Polly Babbington style.

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  • Sue R

    'Love love love all of Polly's books. I feel as if I know the characters. Really enjoyed them. Highly recommend!'

  • Jane

    'Best romance writer ever. Absolutely excellent. Love getting lost in Polly’s books. Always waiting for the next release.'

  • Lynne

    'As all the books this one fulfilled my dreams of returning to Pretty Beach I love these stories & feel that I have got to know all the characters & can't wait for the next book to come out. This is my escape from the stresses of life, thank you Polly.'

💙 Sit back and delve into the utterly gorgeous little towns of Pretty Beach, Darling Island and the Pretty Beach Hills You'll find fabulous female characters, sparkly sea, golden beaches and beautiful old houses. Get ready to go on a journey and be wrapped up in quintessentially British small town warmth as Polly transports you to a place you’ll wish you could live forever. 💙