Polly's Books

💙 Polly's books consist of four inter-connected series - the Pretty Beach series, the Darling Island series, the Lovely Bay series and the Pretty Beach Hills series and a new series in the works now. 

Each series consists of trilogies which can be read standalone with minor spoilers if read out of sequence.

All Polly's books are jam-packed with all Polly's much-loved unique trademarks - divine settings, gorgeous female characters you'd just love to be your very own best friends and sprinkled with a healthy dose of Polly's special blend of escapism by the sea.

With over well over 60,000 top rated reviews and a legion of Polly Babbington readers waiting for the next release dive right in and join the club. 


💙 The Pretty Beach Series 💙

Pretty Beach is the small coastal town where Polly's world begins.

If you would like to start overall with Book 1 begin with The Boat House Pretty Beach. 


💙 The Darling Island Series 💙

Darling Island is an inter-connected series with the Pretty Beach series.

It starts with Lucie Peachtree and her move to the old coastguard's house. The Darling Island books have appearances from Pretty Beach characters and visits to Pretty Beach. 

The first book of the Darling Island series is The Coastguard's House Darling Island


💙 The Lovely Bay Series 💙

Lovely Bay inter-connects at points with both Darling Island and Pretty Beach. 

This series starts with an old hotel and Nina Lavendar.  

The first book of the Lovely series is The Summer Hotel Lovely Bay


💙 The Pretty Beach Hills Series 💙

Polly's BabBellas are a series of novellas sprinkled with Polly Love.

These books were much requested by Polly's readers, the Babbettes.

Written as shorter books to dip into between the main series trilogies. 

​The first book of the Pretty Beach Hills series is Spring in the Pretty Beach Hills